The Gradienteriser

Ideal for adding a touch of colour to your web pages, forum or phpBB posts, and a spot of rage to those that view them.

From to to to , let's  

Feeling lost? the gradient with a background.

Extra spiffy advancedness

Change colour every letters.
(Larger values aren't as smooth, but use less space and are signaturific.)

Output gradient text.

Original coding by Yossarian

  • To get this effect, enter your lines one at a time.
  • Try to make sure the length of each line is roughly
  • the same length. Enter your text in the top box and
  • set the drop boxes to match the colours you want.
  • Press Gradienterise and then copy the text from the
  • bottom box and paste in to your web page html file.

  • or...

  • Paste the whole block of text into the top box and
  • press the Gradienterise button. This works best
  • when there is a lot of text. The text will gradually
  • change colour as you read from top to bottom.
  • It's a bit more difficult to read and try to find out
  • where the html line breaks are supposed to go.
  • With a little practice, it gets easier.