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About The Site

Not much to say really.

As you can see, i'm still working on the site and I'll add more content as time passes.

The site was created as a 'spare time' project. I did want to do a few Skyrim tutorials, due to the fact that so many questions were getting asked on the forums.

I guess things just grew from there.

The picture ( left ),...That's a scan of a caricature of myself. It was drawn in 1999 on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

The logo ( right ),...That's a picture that was sent to me ages ago,
as part of an email. I have no idea who sent it or why. All I remember is that I really liked the picture, so I saved it. It's pretty much been my avatar ever since.

The name Tambo ( or Tamb0 ) is derived from the Scottish version of Tom, which is Tam. In my younger days, Tambo was my nickname, so I just kept it as my online name.